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Once again, personal data is stolen.

Following the latest events concerning the leak of confidential data belonging to 2.9 million Desjardins members, we wanted to bring our point of view and our recommendations to this situation.

First of all, the situation is complex, but above all very serious. Our technological product developer's expertise positions us as "creative brains" with the goal of making life easier for our users. Unfortunately, there are "creative brains" that work to greatly harm people's lives. Specifically, hackers have the opportunity to wreak havoc when we talk about a person's "digital" life.

This reality of "gigantic damage" is linked to three elements where hackers are refining their practices:

  1. 1. To "trace-free intrusion" in systems to go to the data source:
  2. Entering a system with unauthorized, disguised or simply stolen access. Most of the time, these intrusions are made by people from outside. However, as in the case of Desjardins, this reality can very often combine "physical" and "digital" stratagems. An internal person in an organization and his or her colleagues have the confidence of their employer. This confidence is often blind, but too often betrayed cavalierly and without mercy.

  3. 2. "Export in a few seconds" of millions of data:
  4. The damage starts here. One of the first functions of technology in our lives is to accelerate certain facets of our daily lives. Unfortunately, this digital "speed" is also used by hackers and it allows them to execute extremely fast crimes involving a huge amount of data.

  5. 3. Identity theft:
  6. Here, hackers collaborate with other criminals. It is a ploy that involves well-organized and often international networks. Hackers only sell pirated confidential data as a batch.

In short, a hacker is a priori a human being with convictions and is very often "impersonal and external" to your company. In any case, point # 1 is the starting point. In fact, e-mail boxes are the main gateway for hackers to make "trespassing intrusions".

I, therefore, recommend you to be proactive and eliminate these intrusions by opting for a solution that encrypts your communications by email. TagMyDoc can help you, do not hesitate to contact a TagMyDoc expert to know how we can do it: https://www.tagmydoc.com/contact

The ransomware

A ransomware is a malicious software that takes personal data hostage. He encrypts personal data and asks the owner for money in exchange for the decryption key.

A ransomware typically spreads in the same way as a Trojan Horse: it penetrates the system for example via Web Exploit or through email-malicious campaigns. In any case, a ransomware will try to extort money from the user, by having him buy a program to decrypt his files.

The means of fight recommended against a crypto-locker are the following:

  • Disconnect infected devices from shared networks, wired or wireless.
  • Change your passwords after cleaning the network.
  • Make regular backups of his data, and store them offline.
  • Consult a computer security expert for instructions.

* This information was collected on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ransomware

Au plaisir,

Cyber threats, it concerns us all!

Hello everyone,

We have set up a new initiative to counter cyber attacks because we believe that it is essential to know every computer threat in order to know how to protect ourselves.

What we have set up is the Guest TagMyDoc Room and the Premium TagMyDoc Room. These 2 Rooms are a place based on constructive exchanges and a friendly collaboration between all the participants.

Members of the Guest House, open to the public, will receive mainly articles popularized by our experts on cyber attacks while members of the Premium Room, reserved for TagMyDoc customers, will receive advice and best practices regarding the use of the platform in addition to receiving summaries of recent news on cyber attacks.

We would be very happy to count you among our members because together we will be able to counter this cyber threat.

The link below invites you to write us a note if you are interested and we will process your request as soon as possible.


Looking forward,

October, Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month and this is a great opportunity to raise awareness. There are several tips mentioned on the GRC site to avoid a cyber attack, and here's what you can do to protect yourself and your electronics:

  • Choose strong passwords and change them frequently. Do not use the same password for different accounts or applications.
  • Use only reliable and password-protected wireless networks.
  • Keep your operating system up to date, including your anti-virus and anti-malware software and privacy settings, and enable automatic updates to prevent older software from being attacked.
  • Always lock your mobile device (using a PIN or diagram).
  • Be careful if you see links in emails and text messages.
  • Keep your social media profiles private and check your security settings.
  • When making financial transactions online, make sure that the padlock symbol is displayed on the website or that the URL begins with https: // (the "s" means it is secure).

Adopting these good habits could largely help you become more vigilant when browsing or doing actions on the web.

I invite you to follow our blog because I will speak soon of the types of attacks which one can meet on the Web and I will give tricks to know how to avoid getting caught by them.

Why should I use TagMyDoc?

Although it's too easy to say that using TagMyDoc alone for its sensitive data sharing and confidential discussions is a real benefit, telling you why is our ultimate mandate.

Let me first ask you a simple question. How does your personal data circulate on the web? If you answered that they are circulating by email, I would like to tell you that they are highly vulnerable and may be intercepted, among other things, to be used for resale or ransom in exchange for 'a sum of money.

TagMyDoc is a turnkey platform that will always keep you away from this threat. Constantly evolving and with the latest encryption technologies, TagMyDoc is distinguished by its avant-garde secure space system protected by a password unique to everyone. Your data is well kept in our Canadian servers safe from malefactors. The implementation of the platform within your company will be quick and unambiguous. Your customers will be eager to thank you for offering them a sharing solution that is so simple and beneficial.

You would like to have the chance to try it, rejoice and contact our team of experts who will be happy to offer you the best service so that you can make the most of the platform during your period free trial.

You are already a customer but would like that someone around you can also benefit from increased security when sharing confidential data, we offer an SEO program that could be beneficial for you as well as for the person referred.

Do not waste your time and opt for TagMyDoc, the safest solution for confidential sharing.

TagMyDoc, a look to the future.