Development and innovation for TagMyDoc!

We are proud to announce the release of a new version of the application TagMyDoc. Who says new version, says new features!
TagMyDoc shows you different activities in real-time through collaborative alerts:
  • You will know who starts working with a document, which would allow managers to make sure that everyone has opened it.
  • You will also know who has saved a new version of the document on which you already collaborated with.
  • You can see who has made you a co-author of a document. This way, you know who wants to collaborate with you while gaining access to the document in one click.
  • You will know if someone has commented on a document, has liked a comment or if he has replied to the comment.
  • You will be notified if someone has blocked the document for editing it so that everyone else on the team knows that a person is working on it.
  • Finally, if you have missed some alerts, you can always read your alerts history to get insights about your projects!
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In brief, these alerts facilitate the real-time collaboration within and among teams while improving internal communication and optimizing business processes.

Try this new version during 30 days for free of charge!

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