No, your document management system is not perfect.

There are many applications for online data storage and document management. Therefore, it’s now very difficult to make a choice given the abundance and similarity of these applications.

Wondering how TagMyDoc differs from other software?
Current document management systems are not able to manage all the conflicts that occur when employees work with documents (i.e. versioning issues, naming conventions for files and folders, working simultaneously with a colleague on a document, disturbing colleagues to find the right information, etc.). Productivity losses are inevitable with these types of conflicts. TagMyDoc is the only warning system that notifies you and helps you manage all issues and losses related to day-to-day document management.

The strength of TagMyDoc
In addition to being a unique product on the market, TagMyDoc is totally compatible with all of these tools; optimize them with the TagMyDoc warning system. 

Here’s a table comparing TagMyDoc and other popular tools:
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The folder management systems listed above offer very advanced features for classification and search of documents. This allows you to easily integrate the TagMyDoc warning system to manage all of the other conflicts and losses that are currently really expensive for your organization. 

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ShawnM said...

Thank you for the good comparison.
Actually, you are right showing that it is useful to check all the features before choosing document-management service. I have made a research and figured out that Ideals data room has all necessary features as well as TagMyDoc. So how to make a right choice.

Toby Valentine said...

Agreed with Shawn, it's very important to understand how it works.
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