How can accountants improve their work?

PART 2: TagMyDoc and professionals in accounting firms 

In the first part of TagMyDoc and professional accountants in business, you saw the application’s usefulness and its added value to accounting services in business. Several documents are created with the Microsoft Office Suite; some of them also serve as templates and are reused. In this second part, you will understand why TagMyDoc is also profitable for professionals in accounting firms, reducing the risk of errors, as well as the costs resulting from the mismanagement of documents.

An accountant must optimize his time to interpret data and make recommendations to clients. Therefore, organization and accessibility to documents are essential.

 Let’s look at the following example: 
  • A team in an accounting firm works on financial statements for a client in Excel. This team is formed by 5 TagMyDoc users. 
  •  One of the users sends the first version of the financial statements to the other members of the team. Fortunately, this document is saved with the TagMyDoc application. He also assigned the team members as co-authors of the document, authorizing them to modify it.
  • A second user decides to go forward with the project without telling his colleagues and makes some changes to the document.
  • The next day, a third member of the team starts working on the financial statements again. Of course, he sees an alert indicating that he doesn’t have the most up-to-date document. In only one click, he retrieves the latest version, without having to look for it or knowing who made the latest changes.The administrative assistant revises the document and corrects some mistakes.
  • During a meeting at the client's office, the last user opens his copy of the document, immediately sees the TagMyDoc alert and then quickly retrieves the last version of the financial statements including all changes.
  • No matter where users have saved their latest changes or retrieved their copy, whether it’s on the corporate network, in their personal files or their emails, TagMyDoc warns them if there is a conflict and works for them to avoid any costly error. 
With TagMyDoc, accurate information is spread instantly.
For example, one of our customers in this sector has drastically reduced the time allocated to useless administrative tasks such as trying to find the right version of a document or managing the transfer of multiple email attachments. Moreover, in the last month only, the employees of this firm were about to work with wrong information 91 times. We are talking about 91 TagMyDoc alerts that allow them not only to avoid errors, but also to save their precious time.

Finally, it is essential that professional accountants send accurate financial data to their clients. With TagMyDoc, you will be warned when you’re about to work with outdated content. Therefore, you are sure to start every task with the most up-to-date information and data, no matter where your documents are saved.