TagMyDoc and Dropbox: different but complementary?

Nowadays, electronic document management is becoming more present within companies in order to facilitate communication between the various internal and external stakeholders and improve employees’ productivity. However, it is important to differentiate document management software in order to identify which one could lead us to optimal results.

The Dropbox application, for example, is a storage service and a very useful data sharing tool which is currently the most popular one. This application allows the saving of files of all types. It prevents from always looking through email attachments to find documents or forgetting to carry your USB key. However there’s a drawback that can alter its performance. Dropbox forces you to work a certain way: a badge is required to trace your document so you absolutely have to save and open your document directly from Dropbox. Therefore, if you simply save your documents in your personal folders, it would be difficult for you to find them.

Of course, several hours can be spent organizing files in Dropbox. Furthermore, if a lot of people are working on the same document, multiple copies will be created which means that finding the right document becomes a challenge. Users can also save their documents in the wrong folder. How many hours will be wasted by doing this classification and trying to find the latest version of your document?

Dropbox doesn’t eliminate the proliferation of files.

The essential aspect of document management is to follow the different versions of a document and to be easy-to-use.

In this type of situation, TagMyDoc is a strong ally to help resolving the problem of documents duplication. You can still continue to use Dropbox while using the TagMyDoc application: it won’t change the way you actually work, it will actually improve it. Plus, TagMyDoc transparently integrates your actual tools so you won’t waste your time learning a new system! TagMyDoc is indeed a complementary tool. Furthermore, this application is unique, by alerting you when you are about to work on out-of-date content. As soon as you open your document, you will instantly know if it’s the most up-to-date document, wherever it’s saved. Even if you have kept the version of your document on Dropbox, if it’s saved with TagMyDoc, you will access the right information!

Lastly, enhancing document management in your organization allows you to be more efficient and put energy on real specific priorities while reducing the heavy workload and redundancy of administrative tasks. These unproductive tasks can only lead to a waste of time and to risks of errors! It’s simple: without TagMyDoc, you can’t say that your document management system is optimized!

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