PART 1: TagMyDoc and professional accountants in business

Accounting and digital age
For several years now, accounting departments use many software to improve efficiency. The different technologies allow them to reduce their margin of error, to be more productive and especially, to focus on more important tasks.
Contracts, budgets, financial statements, analytical files and other documents of the same type are created and revised many times. Also, some documents serve as a 
                                                     "template" and are reused.

The creation of multiple documents and versions must be managed by a software to avoid problems.
Microsoft Office is used by the vast majority of businesses. Here is an example for professional accountants in business to illustrate the benefits and the added value of TagMyDoc:
An organization prepares annual budgets and forecasts, the preparation is generally made by the VP Finance team.
  • The controller sends to the rest of the team the first version of the budget. The document is saved with the TagMyDoc application.
  • The VP Finance decides to make some changes after meeting with the management team.
  • The controller decides to continue his work and when he opens the same document, the TagMyDoc application warns him that the #1 version of the budget is now out of date. With only one click, he can automatically get the latest version made by the VP Finance.
  • The VP Finance decides to present the budget to senior management and different departments. Once he opens the document, he instantly sees that his version is outdated and retrieves the most up-to-date information before his presentation.

Isn’t it expensive for an organization to present an incorrect budget line to a department?
No matter where employees have saved their changes or retrieved their copy, whether on the corporate network, in their personal folders or their emails, TagMyDoc warns them if there is a conflict and works for them to prevent costly errors.

With TagMyDoc, all employees of each department possess the most up-to-date information without wasting time and without changing the way they currently work!

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