PART III: Goodbye, document disconnect

Now that you know what the document disconnect is and how TagMyDoc helps to avoid this problem, here are some recommendations and best practices taken from the IDC study that will help you implement a strategy in order to be more effective in your document management.

Recommendation # 1
First, you must identify the processes that are prone to problems. To do this, you can interview business leaders and their teams to identify gaps in the document management process.

For example, you can ask your employees or colleagues some simple questions: How many times in the past month have you been working on the wrong version of a document? Or how much time per day do you spend searching for the right version of one of your documents?

Now that you have identified where your document processes generate miscommunications between your systems, you’ll need to determine the most sensitive areas of these processes. In other words, you will have to find out where a mistake costs you a lot and where the ROI of implementing a solution is the most profitable.

Recommendation # 2
Let technology help you but choose carefully. According to the IDC study, a good solution should have the following characteristics:
  • Integrates with existing processes and systems
  • Is intuitive and easy for customers and employees to use
  • Is simple and rapid to deploy and manage
  • Adheres to industry safety standards
  • Is developed by a trusted provider
Does it make you think of something? ;)

The time for action
Nowadays, it is important to capitalize on business processes to gain a competitive advantage over industry rivals. Organizations must address their shortcomings both in the front office (what the customer sees) and the back office (internal processes). Still according to the IDC study, settling the question of document disconnects brings considerable results:

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