What is the Version Validation Tool?

This week, we launched a brand new product: TagMyDoc for Businesses. The most innovative thing you may see in document management for a long time is part of it. It's the Version Validation Tool.

The Version Validation Tool is the tool that will helps you increase your productivity in a new way. On top of always providing you with the latest version, the tag will tell you right away if the copy you’re interacting with is up-to-date or not. A second is all you need to know if you can continue working with the document or if you have to get the new version.

“The average user emails 2 or more documents per day to an average of 5 people for review. The fact that these 10 or more attachments are stored on multiple local computers complicates the challenge of finding the latest document versions.”
- Harmon.ie

You just have to scan or click on the tag of the document to know if you can continue working with it. Don’t waste time and money working with an out of date copy anymore and stop wasting valuable resources on searching for the right document through entire folders.

Without TagMyDoc, the more copies are distributed, the more your chances to work with the wrong version exists and the time you lose searching for the right one.

With TagMyDoc, the more copies distributed, the more your chances to access the good version exists. It’s even faster with the Version Validation Tool. You know right away if it’s the right one, and if it’s not, we give it to you.

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