Tagging documents in less clicks

We thought about you all summer.

We are currently developing several new things on TagMyDoc that will be launched gradually during the return from vacation. Today, we are proud to announce a new easier, faster interface to tag your documents.

Popups are out.

In order to make simple, we changed the way to tag documents. We've decided to eliminate the popup window to tag your documents.

Simplicity is in.

Once you have chosen your documents to tag, you will be presented with the new interface; in a queue.

  1. Add more documents in the queue
  2. Status of documents
  3. Tag options
  4. Tag your documents
The queue will automatically upload your documents in the background but won’t tag them... yet. After you have chosen the tag options such as the page and location that it will appear, you can confirm your settings by clicking “Tag Documents”.

For your convenience, when tagging a single document, we will automatically redirect you to it. For more than 1 document, you will stay the same page and the list of your documents will be updated with the new ones.


For advanced options such as password-protecting your document, they are available on the document’s page in the “Settings” tab like before.


To make it even less clicks to tag your documents, we support dragging files from your desktop straight to TagMyDoc. No need to navigate through folders.

What's next?

News and features are coming, but don't worry, they will all be explained in detail on our blog.

TagMyDoc Crash Course

Soon, we will announce our very first webinar. We are preparing an accelerated TagMyDoc course for you to completely understand the service. The dates will follow shortly. If you are interested, fill the form below.

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