New and improved: ScanMyDoc and Start Guides

It’s been a while since our last post, but let us reassure you right now, we are still here, and working harder than ever to provide you with new exciting available features, and new enhanced solutions to information sharing.

Our TagMyDoc Team is committed to creating innovative solutions with the objective of improving the experience of all our end-users. It is our belief that quality is a primordial component of our applications, which is why we constantly strive to provide our users with above-par quality products. This is why we have recently launched an updated version of our ScanMyDoc application for iOS users to support iPads more efficiently. If you have an iOS Device, we invite you to download this new version for an improved experience, and better features. Additionally, for Android device owners (smartphone or tablet), ScanMyDoc is now recently available on Google Play Store.

Furthermore, we strongly encourage all our users to revisit our Quick Start Guides for TagMyDoc and ScanMyDoc. If you have any questions or difficulties, these guides were created in a simplified way to help you navigate through all available features of our website, in a few easy steps. More good news - we have also created a simplified sheet (in just a few easy steps) that you can bring to your presentations to avoid the hussle of explaining to your audience how to scan documents.

That’s all for now, but our TagMyDoc Team is working very hard to come up with new ideas that will revolutionize the way you share information with your peers. We are striving to build a strong reputation for our quality products, innovative ideas, unparalleled processes and care for our users and the environment.

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