Create your social ID

TagMyDoc’s gone social! You can further customize TagMyDoc by going straight to your sidebar and creating your own personal social profile. This will be your ID when leaving a comment on someone’s document, and interacting with other users.

Your social ID not only allows you to comment on other users’ documents, but then, to update multiple versions to keep your readers up-to-date, share them via social networks, and even follow a document to stay in touch with its most recent content.

You are a guest speaker at a conference, in front of a large assembly. So much trouble and stress to print the documents in advance, retrieve all personal emails, and deal with last minute modifications on your presentation. No worries – start by creating your social ID and have access to all other interactive tools, including document versioning, commenting and sharing!

Oh and no stress… you can update your social ID at anytime. Simply navigate to your account options and voilà! Yes sir, yes mam – it’s that easy!

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