You have a problem

You always want to be more productive at work? Be aware that several tasks related to the management of your documents, without you knowing it, cause you problems and losses of all kinds (time, money, ideas, focus, etc.).

What are the conflicts related to document management on a daily basis?

First of all, each person has his own way of working. This is why several problematic actions are done on your documents, leading to blatant conflicts and efficiency losses:

  • For example, trying to correctly name a document to recognize whether it is a draft or a final version: version 1, version 2, final version, final version 3, etc. Unfortunately, you waste your time opening and comparing the many versions to determine which one contains the right content. Despite the processes implemented by your organization, errors are frequent and you may find yourself working on an out-of-date document or starting all over again if you don’t find the right version of your document.
  • You create many folders to be more organized. However, many duplicates of your documents are located in different folders and remembering where the right information is classified quickly becomes an issue. You often have to disturb your colleagues to retrieve the right document; you look inside your e-mails because your colleagues have sent you numerous versions of this document. In short, you also manage the receipt and sending of multiple attachments.
  • The task becomes even more difficult when you are working in collaboration with colleagues. You can work at the same time of a colleague on the same document. If nobody warns you, you’re going to do the same work twice and lose a lot of time to compare and merge every changes. An unpleasant situation that could easily be removed… In fact, it’s essential to facilitate collaboration!
  • Nowadays, some employees work in remote, which means outside the office. Therefore, multiple copies of documents are stored in multiple locations: in the business server, as attachments in your emails, in your personal folders at home, etc.

The accumulation of all these “lost” minutes has a huge impact at the end of the year.

In brief, with all these conflicts, you lose your ideas, your focus, your time and your momentum. It is essential to consider that currently, your documents force you to do unproductive tasks. Optimizing your document management is therefore crucial given the great value of the information stored in your organization.

Possible solution

Don’t hesitate to combine different document management tools and don’t rely solely on your existing tools. Adjust yourself to new ways of doing things, keeping in mind that you can eliminate significant efficiency losses while considerably reducing the risk of serious errors.

No, your document management system is not perfect.

There are many applications for online data storage and document management. Therefore, it’s now very difficult to make a choice given the abundance and similarity of these applications.

Wondering how TagMyDoc differs from other software?
Current document management systems are not able to manage all the conflicts that occur when employees work with documents (i.e. versioning issues, naming conventions for files and folders, working simultaneously with a colleague on a document, disturbing colleagues to find the right information, etc.). Productivity losses are inevitable with these types of conflicts. TagMyDoc is the only warning system that notifies you and helps you manage all issues and losses related to day-to-day document management.

The strength of TagMyDoc
In addition to being a unique product on the market, TagMyDoc is totally compatible with all of these tools; optimize them with the TagMyDoc warning system. 

Here’s a table comparing TagMyDoc and other popular tools:
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The folder management systems listed above offer very advanced features for classification and search of documents. This allows you to easily integrate the TagMyDoc warning system to manage all of the other conflicts and losses that are currently really expensive for your organization. 

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How can accountants improve their work?

PART 2: TagMyDoc and professionals in accounting firms 

In the first part of TagMyDoc and professional accountants in business, you saw the application’s usefulness and its added value to accounting services in business. Several documents are created with the Microsoft Office Suite; some of them also serve as templates and are reused. In this second part, you will understand why TagMyDoc is also profitable for professionals in accounting firms, reducing the risk of errors, as well as the costs resulting from the mismanagement of documents.

An accountant must optimize his time to interpret data and make recommendations to clients. Therefore, organization and accessibility to documents are essential.

 Let’s look at the following example: 
  • A team in an accounting firm works on financial statements for a client in Excel. This team is formed by 5 TagMyDoc users. 
  •  One of the users sends the first version of the financial statements to the other members of the team. Fortunately, this document is saved with the TagMyDoc application. He also assigned the team members as co-authors of the document, authorizing them to modify it.
  • A second user decides to go forward with the project without telling his colleagues and makes some changes to the document.
  • The next day, a third member of the team starts working on the financial statements again. Of course, he sees an alert indicating that he doesn’t have the most up-to-date document. In only one click, he retrieves the latest version, without having to look for it or knowing who made the latest changes.The administrative assistant revises the document and corrects some mistakes.
  • During a meeting at the client's office, the last user opens his copy of the document, immediately sees the TagMyDoc alert and then quickly retrieves the last version of the financial statements including all changes.
  • No matter where users have saved their latest changes or retrieved their copy, whether it’s on the corporate network, in their personal files or their emails, TagMyDoc warns them if there is a conflict and works for them to avoid any costly error. 
With TagMyDoc, accurate information is spread instantly.
For example, one of our customers in this sector has drastically reduced the time allocated to useless administrative tasks such as trying to find the right version of a document or managing the transfer of multiple email attachments. Moreover, in the last month only, the employees of this firm were about to work with wrong information 91 times. We are talking about 91 TagMyDoc alerts that allow them not only to avoid errors, but also to save their precious time.

Finally, it is essential that professional accountants send accurate financial data to their clients. With TagMyDoc, you will be warned when you’re about to work with outdated content. Therefore, you are sure to start every task with the most up-to-date information and data, no matter where your documents are saved.

New logo and brand identity for TagMyDoc


It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I present today our new logo. We’ve decided to refresh our image and choose a new logo that is more refined and better adapted to the modern era, inspiring the strength, innovation and dynamism of the brand.

We want to communicate how TagMyDoc differentiates itself from the competition; its goal is to help you to bring out the best in your projects. We are unique. We are the only warning system that manages, in a completely transparent way, all document management and project management issues.

This new logo evolved to become more coherent with the positioning of the company. The design put more emphasis on the warning system and the check mark shows that with TagMyDoc, you always have the right document to execute your projects without any waste of time!

Mr. Gabriel Deschênes
Chef Executive Officer

PART 1: TagMyDoc and professional accountants in business

Accounting and digital age
For several years now, accounting departments use many software to improve efficiency. The different technologies allow them to reduce their margin of error, to be more productive and especially, to focus on more important tasks.
Contracts, budgets, financial statements, analytical files and other documents of the same type are created and revised many times. Also, some documents serve as a 
                                                     "template" and are reused.

The creation of multiple documents and versions must be managed by a software to avoid problems.
Microsoft Office is used by the vast majority of businesses. Here is an example for professional accountants in business to illustrate the benefits and the added value of TagMyDoc:
An organization prepares annual budgets and forecasts, the preparation is generally made by the VP Finance team.
  • The controller sends to the rest of the team the first version of the budget. The document is saved with the TagMyDoc application.
  • The VP Finance decides to make some changes after meeting with the management team.
  • The controller decides to continue his work and when he opens the same document, the TagMyDoc application warns him that the #1 version of the budget is now out of date. With only one click, he can automatically get the latest version made by the VP Finance.
  • The VP Finance decides to present the budget to senior management and different departments. Once he opens the document, he instantly sees that his version is outdated and retrieves the most up-to-date information before his presentation.

Isn’t it expensive for an organization to present an incorrect budget line to a department?
No matter where employees have saved their changes or retrieved their copy, whether on the corporate network, in their personal folders or their emails, TagMyDoc warns them if there is a conflict and works for them to prevent costly errors.

With TagMyDoc, all employees of each department possess the most up-to-date information without wasting time and without changing the way they currently work!