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The newest version of TagMyDoc for Office is now available!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We worked very hard in last few months to offer you the latest & greatest TagMyDoc for Office. Tag documents directly from your favourite Office application’s ribbon such as Word, Excel & PowerPoint.

Download TagMyDoc for Office

Free of charge, you can:

  • Save, tag and store your documents in the cloud with one easy click directly from the ribbon;
  • Instantly convert them to a PDF to get the optimal mobile experience for your documents;
  • Share your document via email or your favorite social network from the ribbon.

Convenient isn't it? Well, yeah!

If you already installed the first version, don't worry about it. Installing the newest version will overwrite the existing one.

What's New?

  • New look & feel
  • Faster & smarter tagging
  • Create folders
  • Fixed several bugs

Addressing Content Chaos with TagMyDoc

Thursday, October 17, 2013
A major problem in the Enterprise Content Management industry is called Content Chaos. But what is Content Chaos?

It is the inability to effectively manage the content of the business. By content, we mean all kinds of data in the form of a file or a document. The problem is that these documents are hardly traceable as they're stored in different environments: attached in an email, saved in a folder on your computer, stored on your desktop, saved in the cloud, printed on paper or even stored in a document management system.

Quite a few Document Management Systems exist on the market and they all try to solve the Content Chaos issue. One of the main problems related to Content Chaos, even with a good document management system, is when a file exits its main system, it loses its traceability while losing trustworthiness of the data. In short, you're losing track of the document and you aren't aware of any changes on it anymore. This is actually a problem for all ECM systems in general. According to the AIIM 2013 annual industry watch report, ECM at the Crossroads, 61% of organizations that respond to its survey have more than half of their content outside the main document management or records management system. The study also shows that most companies use more than one content management system.

This is where TagMyDoc comes into play. Acting as a complement of a Content Management System, TagMyDoc solves the problem of reliability and trustworthiness of a document that goes out of the main system.

Here is our infographic with issues related to Content Chaos that TagMyDoc for Businesses can solve.

Click to enlarge

What is the Version Validation Tool?

Thursday, October 10, 2013
This week, we launched a brand new product: TagMyDoc for Businesses. The most innovative thing you may see in document management for a long time is part of it. It's the Version Validation Tool.

The Version Validation Tool is the tool that will helps you increase your productivity in a new way. On top of always providing you with the latest version, the tag will tell you right away if the copy you’re interacting with is up-to-date or not. A second is all you need to know if you can continue working with the document or if you have to get the new version.

“The average user emails 2 or more documents per day to an average of 5 people for review. The fact that these 10 or more attachments are stored on multiple local computers complicates the challenge of finding the latest document versions.”
- Harmon.ie

You just have to scan or click on the tag of the document to know if you can continue working with it. Don’t waste time and money working with an out of date copy anymore and stop wasting valuable resources on searching for the right document through entire folders.

Without TagMyDoc, the more copies are distributed, the more your chances to work with the wrong version exists and the time you lose searching for the right one.

With TagMyDoc, the more copies distributed, the more your chances to access the good version exists. It’s even faster with the Version Validation Tool. You know right away if it’s the right one, and if it’s not, we give it to you.

A new product at a whole new level

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
This week, we're launching a new and easy-to-use product: TagMyDoc for Businesses.

A look at the big picture


TagMyDoc is even more useful when you have to work with the same documents with people outside your organization.

Every tagged document opens a brand new communication channel between you and your:

  • Suppliers
  • Clients
  • Partners
  • Prospects
  • Sales team on the road

Ensure everyone is on the same page… of the most recent copy!

You have already implemented a document management system? No problem. TagMyDoc for Businesses could also be complementary to this kind of solution for your business to enjoy its benefits:

  • Make sure that every member of your team always work with the most current content.
  • Validate on the spot if the copy you are interacting with is up-to-date or not.
  • Give instant access to the latest version of all your documents.

Exclusive Tools
TagMyDoc for Businesses comes with some features that are exclusive to that plan.

On top of always providing you with the latest version, the tag will tell you right away if the copy you’re interacting with is up-to-date or not. A few seconds is all you need to know if you can continue working with the document or if you have to get the new version.

Put your organization up front by personalizing all of your documents with your company’s logo under each tag. Keep your prospects and clients updated with “always up to date” documents. This option is only included in TagMyDoc for Businesses.

TagMyDoc is compatible with other popular document management systems and cloud storage services. TagMyDoc’s API can also be integrated in any software or web solution that aims to eliminate the issue of working with out of date documents. Contact us if you have any idea on how to integrate TagMyDoc in your next projects.

Back to the Webinar

Thursday, September 19, 2013
Last week we did our very first webinars. Thank you to everyone who participated. It was a great success  and we hope you enjoyed it.

In case you missed it, the recording of the September 10th is available just below with a little description about what we've talked.

(We suggest you to watch the video in HD)

New Home Page; New Message
Our new message is based on the fact that TagMyDoc provides direct access to the latest version of your documents. It is here that you and your readers will save a lot of time looking for the correct version of a document. As the tag is attached to all copies of the document, the latest version is very easily accessible! You just have to click or scan the tag.

Simplier Tagging Panel
We are currently developing several new things on TagMyDoc that will be launched gradually. In our webinar, we talked about our new easier, faster process to tag your documents. Learn more.

Cloud Services
You can easily connect your favourite cloud services with your TagMyDoc account. Learn more.

Document's Settings
We also talked about the following features:  password-protecting your documents, Instant-Get, Email Collector, Access Key and the folder's options. Learn more.

Edu Program
Your school is interested in TagMyDoc? We have a new program for this.

If you subscribe to the EDU program for a period of six months, all members who join along with you will have a subscription to our Premium Plan for free. If 10 or more people join during this period, at the end of it, every plan will be a dollar a month. Learn more.

TagMyDoc for Businesses
A new product is about to come out: TagMyDoc for Businesses. Several unique features for businesses will be available in this product. For example, the Version Validation Tool will tell you, right away, if you have the latest version of your document or not. We offer it to for a 30-day trial if you wish. Send us a mail at info@tagmydoc.com to get started.