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Expert advices on security and productivity in documents & messages exchanges

The TagMyDoc Reflex is as simple as a snap!

We understand that your mailbox is essential in your daily life and that is why the TagMyDoc platform uses your mailbox to send secured alerts. These alerts contain a button that links directly to the desired location in your TagMyDoc account. You only need to use the blue button in your secured email alert.

From this secured email alert you can:

  1. 1.Follow up on a request for documents
  2. 2.Reply to a message
  3. 3.File a document
  4. 4.Write a message

The statistics are shattering about our customers and their use of the platform. 80% of our customers use it through their inbox by using the button in the secure email alert. According to them, this is the best way to immediately adopt the TagMyDoc tool and to fully benefit their customers.

I leave you now to sharpen your reflexes using the platform because TagMyDoc is even more simple and intuitive than your mailbox!

Your data. Your privacy.

This is important.

You probably noticed lately in medias that uncomfortable news came to light about the processing of confidential data.
  • Firstly, an article in La Presse raised the sale of medical records containing sensitive data belonging to patients. All the details here.
  • In the same vein, on the tv show "Tout le monde en parle" on Sunday, March 11, 2018, the talk was about ways to make profits from the confidential data circulating on the web. More details here.
  • More recently, the Cambridge Analytica saga. More details here.

Things that aroused me

Just the logic that must be advocated seems very rarely respected. By cons, I like to believe that we are the owner of our confidential data on the internet. Following these recent events, I would like to clarify the vision of TagMyDoc regarding this issue. TagMyDoc is a professional platform for communicating files and confidential messages. Like all companies, we aim for growth in revenue, but here I am, I take this ticket to tell you important tips about your confidential data and those of your customers/business partners.

We are a team. Your luxury to have a direct link with the creator of the platform

As you know, we are marketing a product that we have designed, developed and positioned. In short, we do not sell a platform or software from another company. Which certainly means that we have not taken the easiest and fastest way to profitability. On the other hand, this offers a proximity and an advantage to our users, because we keep the full control on the policies of private life and especially we are not at the mercy of foreign interests or even of a model of incomes including the sale of data confidential (in clear or anonymized)

Our business model versus the confidentiality of your data and the desire to pay less

Understand that a professional platform like TagMyDoc should not have a revenue model involving the sale of data: in any way and under any variant. TagMyDoc has this philosophy firmly rooted from the beginning: do not sell confidential data.

Income growth and profitability

Like all businesses, sales and profitability are an important part of our operations, but one thing remains, we prefer to find responsible marketing ways to create and convert leads. In other words, selling our TagMyDoc products and services is the only source of revenue.

It's normal to know the treatment of his data today.

I hope you have reassured and especially clarify our positions in the sale of confidential data. We firmly believe that our best marketing tools are our satisfied customers and that our revenues will be built with their networks. Of course via word of mouth on the quality of our platform and our service. That said, do not hesitate to tell us anything, but do not hesitate to share your satisfaction with TagMyDoc in your professional network and contribute to our growth "responsible".

Gabriel Deschênes, CEO of TagMyDoc and on behalf of the entire TagMyDoc team.

More information on our security levels here.

Security, security and even more security!

You are the type of person who wants to overprotect your data and it is quite legitimate in a world where the exchange of messages and documents are becoming more and more online. It is therefore essential to double caution by securing more your TagMyDoc secure spaces.

Two new features have been developed to this end:

1 - Auto Logout (for administrator only)

We have developed a "double security" feature to increase the security of your Secure Spaces. In fact, by definition, a TagMyDoc Secure Space is already very secure but you can now increase this aspect by defining the amount of inactivity required for a client session to end automatically.

How am I doing it? As an administrator, you are in control. You can set this time frame by going into your account to "My Organization" and then to "Settings".

So, your client's session will close automatically if it's idle for the number of times you have chosen. If he wants to return to his session, his password will be asked again so that he can continue to navigate his space. Exactly like big banks do it with their online users, but you also have the option of choosing the desired idle time!
* Note that by default the value is set to 60 minutes.

2 - Increased Security

A second feature that allows you to further increase the security of your data is to force the password request when one of your customers or partners moves from one secure space to another. To do this, click on the three points at the far right of the secure space and click on "Secure Space Settings". You will see a selection box called "Increased Security". Select it and when your customer wants to re-enter this secure area, they will need to enter their account password. You'll have more peace of mind and even less worry about the security of your data and that of your customers.

With TagMyDoc, your data are in good hands!

3 Things you probably didn’t know you could do with TagMyDoc

TagMyDoc is very useful, but are you using it to its full potential?

In this article, we propose some uses more unknown to our users, but just as useful and innovative!

  1. 1- Add an expiration date to a document
  2. Each of your documents has the option of having an expiration date. So, if you are of the "mission impossible" type and would like your document to self-destruct at a specific time, it is possible! Indeed, by clicking on the three small dots to the right of the title of your document, you can access the parameters. You only have to determine your date at the exact second and the document will automatically be deleted when it reaches the due date. Very effective for temporary projects or confidential documents.
  3. 2- Create lists of tasks to do between colleagues
  4. You must first create a TagMyDoc secure space and then add one or more colleagues. Then, from the secure space discussion area, you can create to-do lists and keep an eye on the tasks that have been done by you and your colleagues. Create your list and each time a task is accomplished, you just have to click on "modify" under the message and then to block it. This way, you will always know what tasks your colleague has done without having to disturb you. An excellent project management tool!
  5. 3- Write a note on a document
  6. TagMyDoc allows you to leave a note on a document so that you always have peace of mind when you need to let a customer or partner know what changes you have made to a document recently. Just click on the document and then in the left portion of the screen click on "note" and on the "add a note" button. Write your note and click on the "add" button. In this way, you make sure that your message passes at the best possible moment when it opens.
This list will be updated in the coming weeks to give you other new things to do with TagMyDoc!

Simplify communication with your clients

A communication history...

Since the beginning of its existence, the human being communicates whether by a gesture, by images or by sounds. Our world is constantly changing and so our ways of communicating are changing as well. Take for example the phone, appeared in the late 1800s, which makes us a huge leap to finally propel us where we are so far. Since the advent of the internet, our means of communication have greatly increased in terms of speed. Sending an email has become a common practice. But is it safe to communicate your sensitive data via email? Every day more and more people are communicating via the internet and therefore there are necessarily more thefts of information.

Your messages now secured

That's why the security of your communications is important to us and we've put in place a feature that will help you secure your messages and save you time. On the platform, you can chat inside a secure space with your customers, greatly minimizing email sending, creating email chains and redundant calls, allowing you to chat effectively and efficiently.

Example of a discussion in a secure area:
  • Request for documents
  • Clarification on the deadline for submitting a document
  • Meeting summary
  • etc.
In short all the messages between you and your customer in the same place and very easy to find if necessary unlike the chains of emails. An email alert is sent for each new message: therefore, no need to always check in the secure area to validate the receipt of a new message.
Finally, you'll find that chatting with TagMyDoc is so much more user-friendly and profitable that you will not want to use other tools for your communications!